Excavator Grapple

Short Description:

Design for minimum height can load or unload objects to high place

Main frames are made by Hardox for the longer life time

Use for carrying industrial waste

Use for loading and unloading rocks

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Wood grabber installation

1, Mechanical excavator wood grab: It is driven by the excavator bucket cylinder, without additional hydraulic blocks and pipelines;

2, 360° rotary hydraulic excavator wood grab: need to add two sets of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines on the excavator to control;

3, Non-rotating hydraulic excavator wood grab: It is necessary to add a set of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines to the excavator for control.

Applicable occasions

Scrap metal processing, stone, scrap steel, sugarcane, cotton, wood handling.

1, Product diversification: According to customer needs, the company designs two types of rotation and non-rotation respectively.  Customers can choose according to their own needs (products without hydraulic rotation are connected by the oil circuit of the excavator bucket cylinder, and no additional hydraulic pressure is required. Pipelines and hydraulic valves are quick to install and easy to use; products with rotary need to add a set of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines to control, and multiple angles can be adjusted according to engineering construction requirements.

2, The hydraulic cylinders equipped with hydraulic wood grabs are equipped with protection devices to ensure convenient operation.

3, It adopts special steel processing and production to make it light, fast and easy to operate.

4, The built-in safety valve is used to prevent the cylinder from falling off naturally.

5, Adopt large-capacity oil cylinder design to increase the grasping force of the equipment.

6, All key components are imported from Europe and America, making it more convenient.

7, Loading and unloading and transportation of wood, stone, reed, straw, waste, etc. can be carried out.

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